About You

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Getting your business off to a great start is essential to weathering the storms ahead and building a strong future. It’s all about taking the right advice and relying on a good bit of support from those who can help you thrive. There’s nothing we love more than setting new companies on the road to success, so whether you need help with a website, gaining investment funding or book keeping and accounting services, we can be there from the beginning.


As a small business manager you no doubt have a wide and varied skill set, but when it comes to support services you need the kind of help that is flexible, forward thinking and doesn’t cost a small fortune. Whether it’s managing the books, setting up an online accounting system, or preparing management accounts, we here to help with whatever you need.


No matter how big a business gets, it’s the little things that count. Like personal service, for example, and fees that don’t cost the earth. It’s good to know that your money is being spent wisely on helping your business to grow its profits, rather than on another company’s swanky City offices.

As an established and professional, but small, accountancy practice we are able to control our costs and keep overheads to a minimum. We have a strong presence in central London, but also work with clients on a nationwide basis.


We have direct experience of working with clients in the following industry sectors: Financial Services, Construction, Hair and Beauty, Property Management, Manufacturing, Retail, Travel and Leisure, Landscaping, Catering, Health and Care services. No matter what size of business, or what sector it’s in, each and every one of our clients is unique and treated as such. It’s something we pride ourselves on at SJAS.


Please see our list of accounting services or contact SJAS for an initial discussion.